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Laboratory Assistant (Temporary) $12.93

  • Category: Science
  • Education: Bachelors Degree
  • Pay / Salary: $12.93 Hourly
  • Source: Business
  • Ad #: 7229
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Full Details
Kelly Scientific is looking for a research assistant to support biomedical research in glycobiology.


Working under moderate supervision, perform research work in the field of biochemistry and glycobiology. The aims of this work include the characterization of the O-linked glycosylation patterns of glycoproteins and the study of the polypeptide specificities of the galactoslytransferases that are responsible for attaching the O-linked sugars to the polypeptide core. The applicant will perform glycosylation reactions utilizing radioactive substrates, will isolate the products via a series of chromatographic methods and analyze the glycosylation patterns utilizing an automated Edman amino acid sequencer. The applicant will be responsible for performing additional necessary biochemical procedures and techniques including data collection and data analysis. The applicant in addition will isolate, purify, and modify mucin glycoproteins from animal tissues and/or cell lines. The applicant will have major responsibilities for assisting in the operation of the PI s laboratory in a clean and safe manner including filling out safety forms and maintaining instrumentation.



Essential functions for the position are to perform the required basic biochemistry laboratory work as requested. This primarily will involve performing glycosylation reactions on random peptide substrates and the analysis of the glycosylation patterns utilizing an automated Edman amino acid sequencer. The applicant will be required to prepare reagent solutions and perform experiments and analyzing the data as directed, this would include the isolation, modification, and characterization of mucin glycoproteins from animal tissues. The candidate will have responsibility for maintaining, running and optimizing the new Amino Acid Sequencer in the PI s laboratory. The candidate will also serve to maintain laboratory and will be responsible for radiation safety surveys and chemical waste disposal. The ability to operate and maintain laboratory equipment/instruments is essential. The applicant must maintain a laboratory notebook and be able to communicate results.


Essential Functions include:

1. Perform biochemical/glycobiology research work as directed using standard laboratory skills

2. Conduct data analysis of data

3. Record experimental results and present

4. Maintain records of experiments in a lab book

5. Help maintain laboratory equipment as directed

6. Make list of laboratory supplies for ordering



1. Perform other laboratory duties as assigned

2. The candidate will not be exposed to live animals, but may be working on prior harvested animal tissues.

3. The candidate will not be expected use recombinant DNA techniques molecular biology .


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