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1. Remain current on the company’s goals & missions and ensure compliance in area of control.
2. Meet goals and objectives as communicated by Manager and Strategic Plan.
3. Effective stewardship of the Company’s financial resources.
4. Follow the Company’s policies and standard operating processes.
5. All other duties as assigned by Management

1. Integrate Company’s Vision in daily work operations
2. Exercise a high level of responsibility regarding use of the company’s resources
3. Use or excellent ethical business practices and good judgment in dealings
4. Positive customer service to internal and external customers
5. Maintains an organized work environment utilizing 5S practices

1. Start production shift by effectively assigning labor to positions
2. Oversee day to day operations and communicate to key stakeholders as required
3. Use company production goals to create work & production schedules
4. Monitor quality and ensure products are manufactured efficiently & effectively
5. Train workers to perform all functions of their assignments
6. Maintain current Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Job Instructions for department
7. Accurately maintain Employee performance, payroll & attendance records
8. Anticipate problems and develop solutions before they arise
9. Ensure area of control meets safety goals and complies with OSHA regulations
10. Serve as Center of Expertise for products and processes in area
11. In a timely manner, collect data and prepare reports as directed by the Operations Manager
12. Teambuilding, positive motivation, and development of workers to achieve a high functioning team
13. Assure department has required production materials to fulfil production orders
14. Reduce downtime by ensuring all equipment is functioning at correct cycle time and quality
15. Maintain a safe, positive work environment
16. Use materials and labor in an efficient manner to avoid waste and overtime
17. Make continuous improvement recommendations for the department and company
18. Remain current on all professional, legal, and company changes affecting the department

High School Diploma/ GED or 2 years of related experience
Two or more years in a leadership role
Ability to multi-task and delegate
Positive, enthusiastic attitude with ability to influence others
Must possess good communication and interpersonal skills
Strong work ethic, self-starter good attendance
Ability to be an effective, high energy change agent
Professional written and verbal communication skills and effective listener.
Ability to support, communicate and enforce The Company’s Vision, Mission and policies
Ability to build effective partnerships within the business community
Must use excellent ethical business practices and good judgment in dealings
Decisive with high level of problem solving skills to choose effective alternative courses of action as required
Bi-lingual – Spanish
Bachelor’s degree in a related field
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