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  • Category: General Labor
  • Employment Length: contract
  • Source: Business
  • Ad #: 11082
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PACKING LABOR// Is responsible for safely inspecting, packing, and finishing final product according to specifications for multiple lines, while removing non-conforming pieces.
6:45pm to 7:15am - ALTERNATING SCHEDULE - 3 days on, two days off THEN 2 days on, three days off
· Must be able to learn and comply with all safety rules/regulations.
· Responsible for wearing designated PPE.
· Perform safety audits and/or observations.
· Must be able to learn and comply with all SOPs and JSAs related to packing and finishing product.
· Keep assigned work area clean, neat, organized, and free from safety hazards.
· Show-up for work on time and work all scheduled shifts.
· Carry out duties and responsibilities in a positive way and in the spirit of cooperation and support of others.
· Fully meet the duties and responsibilities of the position.
· Treat people fairly, equally and with respect.
· Be honest at all times and to conduct oneself with the highest degree of personal integrity.
· Communicate the right information, to the appropriate people, in an effective and timely manner.
· Good communications skills.
· Must be motivated, possess a high attention to detail and able to work with minimum supervision.
· Must have the necessary skills to perform reading, writing and mathematics in English as required.
· Must be able to multi-task multiple lines and effectively work with co-workers.
· Must be able to physically move including climbing, lifting, pushing, pulling, twisting, bending, etc. (up to 25 lbs.)
Map: Columbus, OH
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