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Food Service Worker

Located in Sparta, WI

Salary: 13.85

Position Title: Food Service Worker
Wage: $13.85 per hour
Position runs from February to August
AM shift: Start as early as 3:30am, work as late as 12:15pm
PM shift: Start as early as Noon, work as late as 10pm
Usually 5-6 hour shifts.
o    Knowledge of good cleaning practices
o    Must have good attendance and punctuality
o    Need to have the ability to work under pressure and be dependable
o    Must be flexible for working hours and duty requirements
o    A positive attitude is preferred
o    Reports to the Dining Facility Manager
o    Janitorial and custodial functions within dining facility including but not limited to:
o    Sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, trash removal, vacuuming, window washing
o    Dishwashing, pot and pan cleaning, and related quality control
o    Perform a variety of manual tasks in the kitchen or dining area of a food activity involving light to moderate physical effort completed according to established procedures
o    Participation in preparation of foods including but not limited to:
o    Paring, cutting, dicing, chopping, washing and/or cleaning vegetables and fruits
o    Opening cans and cartons
o    Making coffee in urns
o    Carrying food from kitchen to steam tables and salad bar
o    Setting up steam tables and salad bars as required
o    Cafeteria style serving
o    May assisting in the preheating/pre-chilling procedures of insulated food containers and preparation for meal services and transportation in a field feed situation
o    Perform other duties as assigned
Express Office: La Crosse
2240 Rose Street
La Crosse, WI 54603
Map: Sparta, WI
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