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UNDERWRITING/POLICY COMPLIANCE: The BDO should demonstrate the ability to understand credit risk and be able to properly evaluate and disclose risk in a relationship. The officer’s ability to analyze the borrower’s operational capacity is also evaluated. The officer should be able to assess collateral and any potential weaknesses. Factual accuracy in the loan memorandum is another consideration. The lender should understand the loan policy and document any exceptions to it.

ACCOUNT SERVICING: The loan officer, with the assistance of the account manager, should ensure files are up to date and exceptions resolved in a timely manner. A goal for total exceptions is 25%. The loan officer shall service the account and maintain up to date memorandum in files. He/she shall maintain well-organized, neat and current credit and collateral files. Site visits shall be performed annually and documented accordingly.

PROBLEM LOAN IDENTIFICATION: The loan officer shall identify any potential problems in a loan relationship and document these issues in the credit file and promptly notify the senior credit officer (SCO). Loan ratings shall be assigned at loan approval and the loan officer shall recommend any changes in a timely manner. Loan officer shall assist in carrying out action plans approved by SCO for problem credit relationships.

COLLECTION EFFORTS: The loan officer has the responsibility to collect past due loans. The specific actions depend upon the delinquency of the account. The bank’s past due goals are 1.25% for past due loans greater than 15 days and 1.0% for loans past due greater than 30 days.

ASSET QUALITY: The loan officer has the responsibility to adhere to Board approved asset quality goals. Loan losses should be maintained at acceptable levels. Substandard assets should be less than 20% and watch list accounts less than 25% of the lender’s portfolio.

• 3+ years experience in production/sales role or 3+ years of banking experience
• General knowledge of banking and business in targeted location
• Strong English communication skills, both verbal and written
• Strong organizational skills


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