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  • Category: Accounting - Finance
  • Education: Bachelors Degree
  • Employment Length: fulltime
  • Source: Business
  • Ad #: 11986
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The Project Procurement Coordinator-s role is to assist the project management team with the management of purchase orders and tracking during the construction phase of a pilot plant or large laboratory project. Their involvement begins prior to the purchase of critical pieces of equipment and follows through the purchase of all materials to provide spending and forecast updates to the project managers.

Early in the life of a project, the Project Procurement Coordinator (the coordinator) will work with the project team to develop a procurement plan and to identify critical equipment that could have a significant impact on cost or schedule if not managed correctly. The coordinator will ensure that purchase orders are issued in a timely manner according to the project needs, and the coordinator will work closely with legal counsel and the project manager to develop and incorporate incentive or penalty clauses into the contracts for critical items.

As materials begin to arrive, the coordinator will work with accounting to generate reports for the project manager that reflects items that have been purchased and paid for, items that have been ordered, and items that have yet to be ordered. This report will include ongoing overall cost forecasts for purchased goods and services based on the actual purchase costs versus the original project budget. Similarly, the coordinator will provide the project manager with periodic schedule updates on critical equipment to make them aware of any issues that could impact the project timeline.

The Project Procurement Coordinator role is anticipated to be a part-time role as project load fluctuates within the company. Therefore, a contractor or part-time employee will typically fill this role during the appropriate phases of a construction project.

Major Responsibilities/Accountabilities
- Work closely with the project team to establish a list of materials that are being purchased and identify the critical equipment that must be tracked closely for project success.
- Assist the team in ensuring that equipment delivery does not adversely impact project schedule, including assuring purchase orders and contracts have appropriate incentive or penalty clauses.
- Provide spending reports that include purchased goods, outstanding orders, and materials that must be
- Track closed and outstanding purchase orders and update the project manager with cost forecast changes based on the differences in estimated costs and actual costs.
- Assist the project team in making sure that purchase orders are issued for equipment in a timeframe consistent with the project timing needs.


Required Experience
- Prior experience in a procurement role.
- Project controls and/or project management experience is a plus.

Required Skills
- Knowledgeable of the procurement work process for the chemical or similar industries.
- Ability to work within accounting and project systems to track purchase orders.
- Ability to compile data in Microsoft Excel and to interpret the data to provide procurement reports to the project manager.
- Capable of working in multifunctional teams including project managers, engineers, construction coordinators, and accountants.
- Good written and oral communication skills.
- Ability to work with legal counsel and project managers to ensure language is built into contracts that encourages the performance of vendors to meet MATRIC-s needs.
- Capable of communicating with vendors and tracking delivery schedules.
- Proficient in Microsoft Office applications such as Word and Excel.
- Knowledge of QuickBooks may be helpful but is not required.

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