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TRC Professional Services seeks a Temporary Test Technician, 30a€day job in Roswell area. Candidate must be US Citizen and be flexible to work nights/weekends as appropriate.

Duties and Responsibilities: Daya€toa€day: This person will be dedicated to learning and running environmental tests including vibration, thermal and vacuum on aerospace batteries made from large format lithium ion cells. Must be willing to work overtime, night shift, weekends and odd hours.

Aptitude and Judgment: Must be able to read and comprehend detailed written directions. Must be clear and direct communicator. Must be able to recognize and respond to hazardous conditions. Must be nona€smoker.

Critical Traits needed to succeed: Attention to detail and following procedures to the letter is key. A great deal of reading is required and reading speed and comprehension is essential. Must be; safety conscious, practical and highly motivated, able to learn quickly and have the knack for operating varied equipment and instrumentation, and think on their feet. Good eyesight, (correctable) required. Initiative, energy and willingness to identify and implement improvements needed. Steady hands and a light touch are required to work with delicate harnesses and adhesive application.

Supervision and Direction: Able to be trained quickly. Must be prompt and dependable. Contacts in and out of the company: Must be team player capable of taking detailed written direction.

Equipment skills: Must be proficient with Microsoft Office; Word, Excel, and Adobe. LabView desirable. Able to use a multia€meter and make electrical connections, and inspect connectors with an eye loupe. Must be able to collect data, populate spreadsheets and issue reports. Will operate calipers, dial gages, multia€meters, torque wrenches, hoists, pallet jacks, compressed gas nozzles, and learn special processes to operate environmental chambers, vacuum chambers and vibration equipment. Will perform electrical tests and measure electrical and physical properties, like impedance, current, resistance, voltages. Must be able to read mechanical drawings, lengthy procedures and schematics, proof read other’s work and manually fill in test data records.

Physical Environment and Working Conditions: Will work in a clean industrial setting assembling and performing testing of electroa€chemical cells and associated mechanical and electrical systems. Reading gages, computer screens. Lifting up to 50 pounds. Must be fit and able to read gauges and patch connections at floora€level. See FAR, JSC and NFS flow downs.

Education and Training: Degree: 2 year technical or associates degree or military equivalent. Major: Technician or Electrical assembly Additional certifications: Must either have or be capable of gaining certification and training on Quality Management Systems, MILa€Specs, Ja€standards, crimping and adhesives, NASA stds 8739.1, 8739.4 conformal coating and polymeric application, harness fabrication and cable lacing.

Experience: 3a€5 years experience in aerospace or defense contractor beneficial, energy storage and low level power transmission experience preferred. Electrical harness and interconnection of power and signal wiring or electronic assembly useful. Familiarity with ISO9000 or AS9100 Quality Management System preferred. Lithium battery experience desired. Clean room experience and working with ESD environment preferred. Running charge/discharge and battery test equipment preferred.


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