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  • Category: Customer Service
  • Education: H/S diploma or equilivent
  • Employment Length: fulltime
  • Pay / Salary: $13 Hourly
  • Location: South Portland ME
  • Source: Business
  • Ad #: 15256
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This role has a high potential to become a permanent hire

Job Title: Customer Support Representative in telecommunications.

Job Type: Time-to-hire

*****This position has a very high potential to become a permanent placement given successful performance.*******

Responsibilities in this role include:
- Receive and respond to incoming telephone calls, emails, faxes and mail from residential and commercial customers.
- Successfully research and resolve customer inquiries regarding telephone services; unified communications regarding services; rates and billing while effectively utilizing available resources
- Originate necessary reports for further research and/or adjustments
- Ensure that every customer interaction is accurate. Document interactions correctly to the Pioneer system promptly.
- Make process improvement suggestions that will either allow Pioneer to better service its customers and/or increase the number of inquiries that can be handled within a defined timeframe
- Initiate critical and precise work orders such as, but not limited to, requests to add numbers, adjust international calling add/remove features; coding accounts correctly; submitting local and long distance service trouble tickets.
- Maintain satisfactory attendance for scheduled hours and meetings.
- Ability to work varies schedules. Willingness to work extra hours as needed.
- Team player, motivated, professional with the ability to be self-directed.
- Perform other job duties as assigned.
Education Requirements: High School Diploma
- Solution oriented thinker
- Ability to establish priorities and multi-task
- Strong communication skills
- Strong team player
- Fluent with modern technology
- Versed in Microsoft programs such as Word, Outlook, Excel

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